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The False Gift Of Tongues

Rev. Daniel R. Jennings, M.A.


          There is much interest in our times being shown to the phenomena of “speaking in tongues”. Within the body of Christ there is much confusion regarding this topic from both those who support it and those who are against it. The majority of Christians appear to be left wondering how best to respond to all of the discussion. As men and women who believe in the authority of the Bible we know from the Scriptures that we cannot forbid people from speaking in tongues:


“Therefore, brethren, desire earnestly to prophesy, and do not forbid to speak with tongues.” 1Co14:39


But while we are told not to forbid people from exercising the gift of tongues we are also commanded in the Scriptures to be discerning:


“Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits, whether they are of God; because many false prophets have gone out into the world. By this you know the Spirit of God: Every spirit that confesses that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is of God, and every spirit that does not confess that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is not of God.” 1Jn 4:1-3


“Do not despise prophecies. Test all things; hold fast what is good.” 1Th 5:20-21


The New Testament makes five references to the experience referred to as “speaking in tongues” (Mk 16:17, Ac 2:1-41, 10:1-48, 19:1-7, 1Co 12:1-14:40). It is simply defined as the supernatural ability, given by God’s Holy Spirit to an individual, to speak in a language which they were previously unable to speak in. It is very clear from the Scriptures that there is such a thing as the “gift of tongues” although scholars debate exactly what it looks like and how it functions. To date millions of Christians have sought and are currently seeking to have this experience. Many have found what they believe to be the experience after much earnest seeking. In churches where the gift of tongues is emphasized these individuals are often pointed out as examples to the others that they too can experience what these men and women have. What is rarely pointed out, however, is that oftentimes persons who are seeking the gift of tongues do indeed receive it, but in a counterfeit form—a demonic gift of tongues that looks and appears like it may be the Biblical gift but comes from an evil spirit instead of the Holy Spirit. The purpose of this paper is to list cases that either appear to be or are clearly examples of The False Gift Of Tongues. Please note from the beginning—it is not the purpose of this paper to discuss whether the gift of tongues occurs now, and if so, in what form it would occur (that will be left up to the reader)—the purpose of this paper is to document reliable examples of persons having received the ability to speak in a previously unlearned language only to discover upon counseling or investigation that this ability came from a demonic spirit.


          The following color scheme will be used to distinguish the cases below.



Cases of tongues that are questionable and suspected of being the result of demonic activity will be highlighted yellow.




Cases of tongues that are clearly the result of demonic activity will be highlighted orange. If a tongue occurs in a non-Christian religion it will be assumed to be the result of demonic activity.


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Case Studies

A. Merrill F. Unger

B. John A. MacMillan

C. C. Fred Dickason

D. Gerald E. McGraw

E. A. E. Ruark

F. John R. Rice

G. Kurt Koch

H. Catherine Hamilton

I. N. Gropmann

J. A. M. Hills

K. Anonymous #1 (c. 1907)

L. Anonymous #2

M. Wang Yung-ngen

N. Albert Le Baron (pseudonym for Henry Guy Waters)

O. William H. R. Rivers

P. Charles H. Foster

Q. Mormons

R. Théodore Flournoy

S. Henri A Junod

T. Gregory The Great

U. Jerome

V. Clement Of Alexandria


Examples Of The False Gift Of Tongues


Merrill F. Unger


          "In an era of charismatic confusion, Christian counselors are frequently being confronted with believers who have become completely disoriented spiritually as a result of being misled in the matter of the filling of the Spirit. A Christian woman, having read Demons In The World Today, wrote to me for help. A believer for many years, she had been nurtured in the truth of the Word concerning the believer's security and his position before God in his placement in Christ. When a keen desire for a deeper walk with God developed in her soul, she strayed from the simple Bible way to be filled with the Spirit--by faith in what the believer is in Christ (cf. 2 Corinthians 11:3-4)--and began to be lured away to seek an experience beyond salvation evidenced by the physical manifestation of speaking in tongues. For years she sought this experience avidly and determinedly, doing everything she was told to do and submitting to everything she thought she should submit to, including the laying on of hands.

          Finally the tongues came. But the blessing was a mixed one. The ecstatic joy of giving vent to the tongues was followed by abject gloom. The emotional high was succeeded by a spiritual low. Worse still, peace vanished and she lost all sense of security. She found herself invaded by alien spirits who took her into the deepest type of depression and goaded her on to commit suicide.

          "When the tormentors begin their work on my mind and body," she declared, "they blaspheme and talk back."

          I directed this harassed believer to a prayer group whose members had had much experience and success in conducting spiritual battle for deliverance of the demonically oppressed. Her road back to spiritual health has been long and arduous. Her fate stands as a sober warning to all believers who lose sight of their completeness in Christ and who seek for spiritual fullness anywhere else than in Him alone." (What Demons Can Do To Saints, Ch. 3, 51-52)


          "In 1967 a friend gave me a book about speaking in tongues. My spiritual life was at a low ebb, and I was intensely seeking after God. I knew I was saved, but there seemed to be an emptiness in my soul.

          After reading this book, I began to believe that the experience of tongues was necessary to fill the spiritual void. For six years I asked for the experience.

          During 1973 I became ill. The desire for a closer fellowship with the Lord and to have the power of God upon my life became more intense than ever before. I read several books on tongues...and I began seeking out people who had this experience.

          My husband, a baptist minister and a student of the Word, would explain the Scripture teaching on this subject, but my mind was made up that tongues were the ultimate and only reliable evidence of being Spirit-filled.

          I contacted a charismatic Baptist minister and received the laying on of hands, which brought a most ecstatic experience...undoubtedly supernatural. I had never experienced such a wonderful feeling--too different to be merely psychological. I felt certain no on had ever been so happy, contented, and filled with joy.

          Tongues did not come to me with the laying on of hands, but I kept asking for them. Two months later they came, accompanied with unusual happenings.

          Each day was a new and wonderful experience. Prayers were answered, miraculously, and always in the name of Jesus. One of the greatest deceits is the "other Jesus spirits," who do not confess Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord (1 John 4:2; 2 Corinthians 11:4).

          At that time no one could have made me beleive that Satan could produce these happenings, although the Word of God warns that he is "prince of the power of the air" (Ephesians 2:2).

          The week that tongues came to me, strange happenings occurred inside my body. My will had no control over the happenings, and I was doing nothing to produce them.

          Some of the manifestations were lewd and my mind was greatly disturbed, since they always came after the tongues, which I supposed were produced by the Holy Spirit.

          The tongues were new and exciting, and I used them frequently at first. I knew the physical happenings were demonic, but I thought Satan was trying to defeat the wonderful experience of the Holy Spirit.

          I was filled with glory over the tongues, but at the same time, suffered agony over the constant evil that prevailed. I returned to my charismatic friends time after time for help. Each time there was the laying on of hands and the command for Satan to leave me alone.

          Although the physical manifestations never left me, for several days I would have relief from the mental oppression.

          I asked for more tongues, going deeper into the experience, trying to get away from Satan. When the glory of the "high" was over after each tongues experience, the presence of evil was more prominent.

          Many times it seemed the entire room was filled with evil.

          Several months after receiving the tongues experience and alternating from day to day between glory and misery, a still, small voice spoke definitely to me, saying that the tongues were a form of Satan worship. Being certain that this was the work of the Holy Spirit, I was horrified, although the suspicion had existed for some time.

          Being increasingly certain that I was being controlled by Satan, I determined to resist him. Torment beyond description followed. Voices would speak to me about the most hideous things imaginable.

          Horrible suspicions about my husband and dear Christian friends took hold of me. Terrifying dreams and nightmares occurred. Voices said that I should die because I was corrupt, and God would never use me now.

          Sometimes becoming desperate with fear of losing my sanity and life, I would yield to the tongues which were welling up within me. Great relief followed, until I refused them expression again.

          Many times I called upon the Lord and claimed the blood of Christ. But each time I would be thrown to the floor in agony. Fourteen months after receiving the tongues, I was ready to take my life.

          As a final plea for help, I called a very dear Baptist minister-friend, who knew something of these Satan workings among God's people. He worked and prayed with my husband and me about three months. Other ministers prayed with us, sometimes for several hours at a time.

          During this time we saw the power of the resurrected Christ demonstrated against the foe in a spectacular way.

          Although I had lent myself through ignorance to the influence of the evil powers of Satan, the Lord in love continued to draw me out of the snare of the enemy.

          It has been a long journey back from the realm of darkness into which I had gone so deeply, but the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ has been sufficient to meet every need.” (Testimony of a Baptist Pastor’s Wife in What Demons Can Do To Saints, Ch. 6, 91-94)


          "This case has to do with a young man, an Indian...This young man began to manifest demonic symptoms by a sickness that showed no physical cause at all. A little while later I was called late one night. He had jumped into the well! After pulling him out, and then talking and praying with him and his family for an hour, I came to the conclusion that his trouble was demonic…I finally left the house after another hour of counseling and praying…the young man, whose name was Fernando, got worse again. I went to see him and talked very frankly with him about his salvation. With tears he assured me that he was saved, but that he would go empty-handed into the Lord's presence, because he had little faith. Moreover, he was certain that he was going to die, because he had been so weak spiritually. He complained also that at times he saw spectres around the room.

          Two days later he had another attack. I and five other men went to see him. standing at the head of his bed, I saw him suddenly looking wildly at something across the room and he cried out, "Why have you come to torment me?"

          In an instant his voice changed (the demon taking over) and glaringly he turned to us, yelling loudly, "Who are you? I am stronger than all of you!"

          With that he began to scream, curse, kick, and swing his arms violently. His strength was such that the six of us could not hold him down. Fortunately help soon arrived. At the end of two hours he quieted down somewhat, but it had taken eight to ten men at a time to control him. After two hours seventeen strong men were worn out, yet he was still as strong as ever.

          These outbursts would usually come at night. As a rule he slept all morning, and in the afternoon was more or less normal. At these times he would talk and act quite sanely. He was very sure he was going to die as a chastening from the Lord, but equally certain he was saved.

          Before the demon took control, he generally knew it and would say, "It is coming. Grab me!"

          During these attacks, his voice would change completely (the demon talking through him). Even his face would be altered completely. Often he would under seizure attempt to injure himself.

          On several occasions he told the time of the day exactly, despite the fact that I had the only watch in the crowd. He would call himself prince of power of this or that and suddenly lapse into speaking in a foreign tongue.

          Finally one night, after a violent attack, he quieted down and became unconscious. A doctor was called, but said there was nothing he could do. I went home and got my folding ruler to measure the body to make a casket at the request of the young man's father, a firm Christian.

          Meanwhile when his pulse beat became so weak that I could only get it at the jugular vein and the patient began to get cold, the end seemed very near.

          While he was unconscious, I heard him speaking as though to the Lord--very softly and reverently. Suddenly he opened his eyes, sat up, and spoke to me. He declared the Lord had given him "an hour". He wanted to see my wife (we had both often counseled with him) and all the members of his family.

          When we were all assembled, his pleas to us was, "Fear and serve the Lord. Take not of what happened to me."

          At the end of the hour I expected him to die. When it passed, I asked him about it.

          He appeared puzzled, saying, "The Lord didn't say if it was an hour by a watch or what. I don't know!"

          He was sure, however, that he had been told to testify for the Lord. This he did consistenly and several came to know the Lord, and every one of these has remained true to the Lord to this day...

          With this the spiritual life of the congregation began its upsurge. Three neighboring churches also experienced growth and blessing as a result of this incident.

          Fernando continued with a constant, sincere testimony, as well as with a warning to others to consider what had happened to him. As a result a number of young people dedicated their lives to the Lord, and three years later several came to study in our Bible Institute...” (What Demons Can Do To Saints, Ch. 6, 88-91)


"The son of a bishop in Switzerland came to a competent Christian counselor. He was under severe occult bondage. When he tried to pray the prayer of renunciation, his jaws locked and his tongue was paralyzed. All he could do was grind his teeth horribly. This was a case of severe demonization that called for a prayer battle." (What Demons Can Do To Saints, Ch. 12, 195)


John A. MacMillan


“A third instance was that of a young man of twenty-two years of age. He had been very desirous of the gift of tongues. Though warned of the serious danger of concentrating on any gift, rather than on the Giver, he persisted in seeking with intensity. Finally, he obtained what he sought. So confident was he that the experience was of the Lord, that he considered he now had sufficient light to carry him forward without the Word of God; the personal revelation was all-satisfying. Then came suddenly the understanding that his tongues were not genuine. The effect was a most bitter disillusionment. He came to the writer’s house, and while attempting to pray became unconscious. The test revealed the presence of demons, one of whom gave the name of “False Tongues.” Deliverance came after a somewhat protracted struggle, and he is now free in spirit and mind and body. He has learned to abide in the Lord, and is recognized as helper of others.” (Encounter With Darkness, Ch 7)


C. Fred Dickason


Alice is a registered nurse and a Bible college graduate. She came to me complaining of harassment of her thoughts. We found that she had a poor relationship with her parents, who maintained a critical attitude toward her. Her need for acceptance had led her at one time to a charismatic group that practiced speaking in tongues. They laid hands on her that she might receive the gift, and she had a “tongues experience.” She had taken that as a sign of God’s acceptance and practiced it sometimes in public meetings and sometimes in private, thinking it gave her meaning and relief.

She had definitely trusted Christ as her Savior and was seeking to live for Him. She had recently come to a new appreciation of what it meant to be “in Christ” as she studied the Word of God. As we considered her background, her family, and personal experience, we found real reason to suspect that the harassment and molestation she had been experiencing may have been demonic in origin. We sought to ground her in the Word and deal with her attitudes regarding her self-worth, her position in Christ, and matters of proper interpersonal relationships, including forgiving those who had hurt her and rejected her. She confessed her sins and her wrong attitudes and rejected the tongues if they were not of God…and…she asked God to show her the truth about her own tongues experience.

We asked God to govern the counseling situation and to show us what was really going on in her mind and life. She gave me permission to confront any wicked spirit present within her. I then commanded that if there were any tongues spirit present he would come to the fore and answer me as I claimed the authority of the crucified, risen Savior. A tongue spirit did finally manifest itself in sullen fashion. It resisted me but did confess that it had come in through the laying on of hands. It took the occasion to come in to give her what she desired and to lead her astray. After several counseling sessions, the demon confessed that Christ was its victor, that Alice was his victor in Christ, and that she had authority in Christ to ask him to leave for the pit. After some arguing and resistance, he left as we submitted to God, resisted the demon by the Word and by prayer, and commanded him to leave God’s temple. Alice had rejected his false acceptance and the false sign of acceptance, the tongues, and acknowledged her full acceptance by Christ apart from tongues and any works of human effort.

Alice afterward started growing markedly in her Christian life.” (Demon Possession And The Christian, Ch. 11, 188-89)


“In my own counseling, I have found about fifteen cases of false tongues spirits who came in through the laying on of hands, a typical occult practice for transferring power.” (Demon Possession And The Christian, Ch. 13, 266)


“A girl I counseled in Colorado was having depressions and suspected the tongue she was using was not of God. She confessed her nonbiblical seeking of tongues and renounced them. We confronted the tongues spirit and dismissed him in the name of the Lord Jesus. Her ability and even her urge to speak in tongues immediately vanished.” (Demon Possession And The Christian, Ch. 13, 278)


Gerald E. McGraw


“Many charismatics insist that everyone filled with the Holy Spirit will speak in tongues. If this is the only way to know certainly one has been filled, no wonder people become desperate for this "evidence." One young man lay on the ground for hours earnestly pleading for tongues. In another instance the subject had been urged by charismatic tutors to keep repeating the word "Hallelujah" until he could break out in tongues. In both cases the subjects did acquire the coveted ability. Later testing, however, revealed that in each case a demon had entered the victim and had imparted the glossolalia. In the latter case the tongues demon was named Hallelujah.” (Tongues Should Be Tested. The Alliance Weekly, June 5, 1974)


“I have learned four lessons through experiences in testing tongues in people who have voluntarily approached me and my colleagues during the past few years. First, I have been astonished at the high percentage of demonic tongues encountered. Counselees include people from virtually all sections of the United States, people from various age groups and occupations and denominations.

Many, but not all, used their tongues largely in private devotions. Some had doubts about the validity of their gift, but many were quite confident that the test would demonstrate a true gift from the Holy Spirit. But the shocking fact is that over 90 percent of those who requested a tongues test had a demonic tongue.” (Tongues Should Be Tested. The Alliance Weekly, June 5, 1974)


“One young lady asked me for a demonic test since she felt evil influences in her life. Routine questioning revealed she had come from a Pentecostal church and possessed a tongues gift, but she felt confident that her gift was divine. She informed me during the interview that a lady in her home church with discernment had assured her that her tongue was of the Holy Spirit.

When the deliverance session was later conducted we encountered a spirit named Jesus. He hated the Lord Jesus Christ. I was suspicious because past experience had revealed that tongues demons often deceptively adopt the name Jesus. Upon my inquiry the demon admitted he was the spirit giving her her gift of tongues, rather than the Holy Spirit.” (Tongues Should Be Tested. The Alliance Weekly, June 5, 1974)


“An intelligent university graduate claimed she used her tongue only in private devotions and generally felt uplifted afterwards, and yet her gift proved demonic. One of my counselees had one demon who provided her tongues gift, another demon named Real Tongues, whose purpose was to make her believe her tongue was from God, and still another demon who kept her feeling rejected because of tongues.” (Tongues Should Be Tested. The Alliance Weekly, June 5, 1974)


“Soon after a young lady from a Roman Catholic home was born again she was with some friends in a parking lot witnessing. All overflowed with joy. They decided to go to the home of one of the group for a prayer meeting. Soon she was speaking in tongues. After she approached me and we had studied the Scriptures she affirmed she would not again speak in tongues until her gift had been tested. Then one day when her emotions sagged something within her seemed to say: "I gave you this gift; can't you trust me?"

As she later related these facts I asked her whose voice would likely say this, when the Holy Spirit had already told her in Scripture to "try the spirits." She saw the point. When she later submitted to a test, the tongues spirit answered initial questioning correctly but later was trapped in his own deceptions. He admitted giving this young lady gifts of tongues, interpretation and prophecy.” (Tongues Should Be Tested. The Alliance Weekly, June 5, 1974)


“Perhaps the most revolting thing about a false tongues experience is the horrible utterances people say in a language they cannot understand. This can be illustrated by the experience of an earnest young man who came to me after ardent charismatic involvement. When he offered public prayer or conversed about spiritual things, one could sense how deeply he loved the Lord Jesus Christ. He used his tongues gift frequently in private, and the words he spoke often formed the same line.

In our prayer session the spirit providing this gift was exposed as a demon. A missionary participating as an intercessor inquired if it would be possible to have the interpretation of the words the demon kept the counselee speaking. When the chairman commanded the tongues demon to interpret the line, the response was: "I hate you, hate you, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus." The victim was as shocked as the rest of us.” (Tongues Should Be Tested. The Alliance Weekly, June 5, 1974)


“One middle aged lady visited only one charismatic meeting. When a saintly looking elderly man there urged, "Just yield your tongue," she did. She received nine different demonic spirits who all professed to provide her with tongues gifts.” (Tongues Should Be Tested. The Alliance Weekly, June 5, 1974)


A. E. Ruark


“A missionary brought pictures of an African under demon possession. They showed the native throwing himself on the ground and going through many contortions. He was speaking in tongues while doing this. The other natives wanted the missionary to interpret for them as they thought the language must be English.” (Falsities Of Modern Tongues, p.9)


“A group of converts in West China were visited by one who began to tell them about the baptism of tongues. But they said they wanted none of that as they had spoken in tongues in devil worship before ever they heard of Christ.” (Falsities Of Modern Tongues, p.9)


“Some instances of demon possession have taken place immediately [after] the person relaxed the body and mind for the “baptism”. One, a Mrs. E., was greatly rejoicing that she had the “baptism”. But she found afterwards that whenever she opened her mouth to pray, the evil spirit prevented her talking to God. All she could do was speak in tongues. It took a long time for her to get free of this demon control, and regain control of her own body so that she could pray.” (Falsities Of Modern Tongues, p.15-16)


“Those who declare that the first time one speaks in tongues in the “baptism” and after that it is a “gift”, find no support in the Scriptures for such teaching. The demon which spoke through a person the first time in response to a false doctrine will often remain with that one and continue to speak through him. This was proved when a group thought they had the gift of tongues, and had spoken in tongues more than once. These spoke again in the presence of one who understood the language. He said he had never heard such foul utterance and blasphemy from human lips.” (Falsities Of Modern Tongues, p.25-26)


“Another, a man at Y, was seeking baptism with tongues for a long time. He was in great distress because he could not get it. When, finally, he did speak in tongues, he said something “snapped” in his head. The result was that he had to be confined in a mental hospital.” (Falsities Of Modern Tongues, p.16)


John R. Rice


“In Chicago in 1932 a man came to me in deepest distress. He asked my prayer that he would be delivered from some wicked tendencies that came upon him from time to time. He felt that he was often possessed with demons. This demon possession seemed to come about in connection with his earnest seeking to talk in tongues. He had been taught to give up all control of his mind, to leave his mind open, to let his tongue be loose, so that the Holy Spirit, as he supposed, could take possession of his mind and of his tongue. He had given up the normal control and inhibitions which a Christian observes. He did speak with tongues, he said. But he found that he seemed to be saying shameful and wicked things, and after that experience he had especially vile temptations. He found himself more and more led toward certain temptations. It seemed that evil spirits wanted continually to get control of his mind. In his case he felt sure that the speaking in tongues was the work of demons. It had not helped him. He did not love the Lord any better; he fell into more grievous sins than before; his sweet assurance as a Christian had been greatly disturbed. I do not know, of course, what percentage of speaking in tongues is dominated by evil spirits. But sometimes we may be sure that evil spirits take advantage of people who give up consciousness, who leave their minds and tongues open to be controlled by any spirit who comes along.” (The Power Of Pentecost (1949), Ch. 8, p.225)


Kurt Koch


“In March 1975 I gave several addresses in Dr. Kenneth Moon’s church in St. Petersburg, Florida. A missionary came to see me. He told me of a difficult pastoral situation. He was ministering in Orlando, Florida, to a woman who spoke in tongues. He pointed out to her that there are often spiritistic spirits hiding behind this gift of tongues. When she started to pray in tongues, the missionary asked her, “You spirit speaking in tongues, do you confess that Christ has come in the flesh?” At first there was no answer. He then commanded the spirit in the name of Jesus to reveal itself. Finally, the spirit said, while the woman was not fully conscious, “I belong to a church.”

The missionary did not leave it at that. “Which church?” he asked. “The church of Satan,” came the astonishing reply. Then the pastor commanded these powers in the name of Jesus Christ to depart. The woman became free by the power of God. To God be the glory!” (Occult ABC, Sec. A:58, Example 201)


“In Toccoa in the state of Georgia, there was a woman who continually started speaking in tongues at the prayer meeting. There was no interpreter there. According to the instructions given in 1 Corinthians 14:28, she should have remained silent. The brethren asked her, “Please pray in English, so that we can understand you and pray with you.” “I cannot pray in English,” answered the woman, “I keep speaking in tongues.” The brethren decided to carry out the test mentioned in 1 John 4. The brethren asked: “Do you confess that Christ has come in the flesh?” They received no answer. They therefore commanded the spirit which was speaking in tongues, “In the name of Jesus Christ we command you to answer us. Do you confess Christ?” Then came the amazing reaction. “No, I hate him,” cried the woman. The nature of her tongues speaking was revealed.” (Occult ABC, Sec. A:58, Example 202)


“Shirley came from a Christian family. As a young girl she came to faith in Christ, and a few years later joined a youth group called “Youth with a Mission.” All the members of this group, who belonged to a Pentecostal church, spoke in tongues—all, that is, except Shirley. Her friends told her, “As long as you have not received the baptism of the Spirit, you will have no power for witness.”

Shirley prayed much for the gift of tongues. Then one day at a meeting of the Pentecostal church she went forward to the platform, holding her hands in the air. She received the gift of speaking in tongues. “Praise the Lord!” everyone shouted in joy, “Shirley got the baptism of the Holy Spirit.”

Some time later, she heard about demonic imitations of the gift of tongues. At the same time she noticed that most of the members of the “Youth with a Mission” group were falling away. Some became drug addicts; one was sent to prison. None of them continued to follow Jesus. This made her doubts increase. She agreed to let brother Birch test the spirit that was speaking in tongues according to 1 John 4:2. As Shirley was praying in tongues, brother Birch asked, “You spirit speaking in tongues, do you confess that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh?” After he had repeated the question, the demon cried out, “No! No!” Thereupon brother Birch commanded it, in the name of Jesus Christ, to reveal its name.

“Lucifer with three of his comrades,” came the reply. “Saul, Demetrius, Judas.” Then the voices cried out from the girl. “I hate you, I hate you.” The girl at once jumped up and tried to strangle brother Birch. This man of God put himself under the protection of Jesus Christ (Luke 10:19) and bound the demons in the name of the Lord. Then he commanded them, “In the name of Jesus Christ, tell us when you entered this girl.”

“At the meeting of the Pentecostal church,” they replied, “on August 17.”

“What do you intend to do with her?”

“We want to keep her back from the truth. That is why we took control of her tongue.” Brother Birch then instructed Shirley to declare herself free from these demons in the name of Jesus Christ. She did so. Then brother Birch commanded the demons to leave the girl, because she belonged to Jesus Christ. The girl was freed, and she gave God thanks and praise for her salvation and deliverance.” (Occult ABC, Sec. A:58, Example 203)


“The Rev. Blackstone of the First Presbyterian Hollywood Church rang me up one day and asked for my help. Speaking in tongues had broken out in his church and a group of about 23 people were on the verge of causing a division. I said I would come to the next prayer meeting of the tongues speaking group. Both of us agreed beforehand that when the first person started to speak in tongues, we would pray roughly the following, "Lord, if this gift is from you, bless this brother, but if it is not of you, then stop it and let there be no other praying in tongues in our presence." Furthermore we asked for Jesus' protection. In this attitude we went to the prayer meeting where more than twenty people were gathered together. The group knew of course that we were both ministers, because they were members of Rev. Blackstone's church. The welcome itself was strange. A young man asked us, "When did you receive the Baptism of the Holy Spirit?” He then began the meeting with a short devotion after which it was open for prayer. A woman started to pray fluently in a foreign language without any stammering or hesitation. An interpretation was not given. The Rev. Blackstone and I started to pray quietly as we had agreed earlier. What happened? No one else spoke in tongues although usually in these meeting all of them, except for an architect, pray in unknown tongues. Brother Blackstone and I saw our prayer answered.” (The Strife Of Tongues, Ch. 2, Example 3)


“During my first lecture at Down Lodge Hall in London, I met a certain Mr. Millen. This man supported me when I was being attacked in the discussion after the lecture. Years ago he had been a very successful medium in a spiritualistic church. He had possessed powers of healing which revealed themselves when he was in semitrance. Many people had been helped through this. He had also mastered the excursion of the soul. He could as it were let his soul or part of it step out of his body and send it over great distances. In this way he had uncovered things which on checking were found to be true. In full trance he could speak in tongues. Mr. Millen's wife was converted at a mission. She then formed a prayer group which interceded for him for years. God showed him mercy. Mr. Millen was completely liberated and today he is one of Christ’s witnesses.” (The Strife Of Tongues, Ch. 3, Example 25)


“I was on a lecture tour of the Far East when I had the opportunity of visiting the Bible School of Febias in Manila. While I was there, one of the students, who was in fact a Christian, went to see Dr. Husftetler, the director of the school. He complained of a terrible headache and of feeling sick, and he asked Dr. Hufstetler to pray for him. While the director prayed, the student suddenly lost consciousness and began to get into a fury. It took several men to hold him down. By this time, I and a few others had been called to help deal with him. In our presence strange voices began to speak out of his mouth. One of the teachers present therefore addressed these voices, “In the name of the Lord Jesus, tell us why you have possessed Pat,” (the student’s name was Pat Tolosa). “Because he did not surrender his life completely,” the voices responded. “How many are you,” we went on. “Fifty,” they replied again…This should be a warning to all of us. An uncommitted life is an open door for the devil’s attacks…We continued to counsel the boy. “In the name of the Lord I command you to come out of him,” I said. “No,” they replied, “we need somebody to live in.” “In the name of the Lord you have to go,” I repeated. “Then we will go into the children of Dr. Hufstetler,” they answered. Now it was Dr. Hufstetler’s turn to speak. “You cannot enter my children. Go instead to where Jesus sends you.”

          We continued to command them to go, singing the hymn ‘There is power in the blood of the Lamb’ to give strength to our prayers. Suddenly the student began to scream. His whole body convulsed. Then he became quiet for a few moments without gaining consciousness. We prayed again, and as we did so a new voice began to speak. “How many of you are left,” I asked the voice. “Forty nine,” it replied. An hour had already gone by. What could we expect to happen next?

          While all this had been going on, some of the Christian teachers got together and began to support us in prayer. More and more of the students joined them, until towards the end two groups were meeting simultaneously for prayer and praise. We found, too, that no single person was able to confront the demons for more than a short period at a time, the effort being too strenuous. In fact, the whole session lasted from 8 o’clock Friday morning until half past three the following Saturday morning, a total of nineteen and a half hours.

          In the process of all this, one of the teachers commanded the voices, “In the name of Jesus tell us your name.” “Rahrek,” the voice replied. “Where do you come from?” the teacher continued. “From Manchuria,” came the reply. “In the name of Jesus tell us why you have come to our school!” “You have a good school. We have come to bring in modernism and liberalism. You won’t be able to stop us. They are our friends.” I thought at the time how good it would have been if all the modern theologians of the world could have been present to hear these words.

          When I heard that the voice had come from Manchuria, I recited a Russian Bible verse which I knew. Then came a surprise. The voice immediately began to speak in fluent Russian in spite of the fact that Pat Tolosa was acquainted with only English and his own Philippino dialect.

          Again we commanded the demons to depart in the name of the Lord, and again the student shrieked and convulsed and became quiet for a short while. “How many of you are there now,” we asked. “Forty eight,” was the reply. We realized that quite a battle lay ahead of us. If one described all that took place it would fill a book.

          As the struggle proceeded, one of the demons answered, “We have come to destroy Pat.” Instantly the possessed boy tried to choke himself. He had to be forcibly restrained, sometimes by six, and sometimes by up to nine men. His strength was enormous….Another voice claimed to come from Holland and to have originated from an occult circle there. Others cried out…Every one of them was dominated by a fear of the name and the coming of the Lord.

          In the end, however, Pat was wonderfully freed. After almost a day he regained consciousness when the last demon finally left. At first he began to cry and then he began to praise the Lord.” (Demonology Past And Present, Ch. 6)


“A missionary from Africa was spending his furlough in Europe. He was visiting the prayer meeting of a pentecostal church when suddenly he heard a prayer in the African dialect that he himself knew. The prayer consisted of all kinds of blasphemies against the Holy Trinity. The missionary left the room so as not to share responsibility for the offense. He waited outside until the meeting was over and told the astonished speaker what he had been praying.” (Charismatic Gifts, The Variety Of Ministries, 10:Interpretation Of Tongues, p.123-124)


“A student in a teachers' training college told me his story. He had been invited to a conference of the Pentecostal Church in Ireland by his friends. The message at this conference had the usual slant: only the person who has spoken in tongues has been baptised by the Holy Spirit. The student prayed for this gift. Some days later one of the main speakers laid his hands on him. He experienced a warm sensation going through himself and he began to speak in tongues. He had no idea what he was really praying at the time, but he felt his emotions being stirred up. What was the outcome of this? After a few weeks the student no longer had any desire to read his Bible or to pray, and his original assurance of salvation disappeared. The student confessed to me that through the gift of tongues he had lost everything that by the grace of God he had previously received--the assurance of sins forgiven and his peace with God. It was only after he had denounced this experience which he had had in Ireland that he received these things back again.” (The Strife Of Tongues, Ch. 2, Example 4)


“In Leicester a young man reported the following. He and his friend had been believers for some years when one day they were invited to the meeting of a tongues speaking group. The atmosphere of the meeting got a hold on them and afterwards they prayed for the second blessing and the baptism of the Holy Spirit. After intensive prayer it was as if something hot came over them. They felt very excited inside. For a few weeks they revelled in this new experience, but slowly these waves of feeling abated. The man who told me this noticed that he had lost all desire to read the Bible and to pray. He examined his experience in the light of the Scriptures and realized that it was not of God. He repented and denounced it. With that he got back his original assurance and peace with God. His friend on the other hand continued in these 'Tongues', and it destroyed him. Today he will not even consider the idea of going on further as a Christian.” (The Strife Of Tongues, Ch. 3, Example 19)


“A preacher belonging to the tongues movement was in the habit of praying first in tongues before giving his message. It has happened several times now that he has been unable to cease from speaking in this foreign tongue. He has had to have a towel given to him to stop up his mouth. What powers are these, if the preacher cannot end his own prayers? The spirits of the prophets are usually subject to the prophets.” (The Strife Of Tongues, Ch. 4, Example 27)


“I came across another example in my counselling just as terrible as this. So as not to endanger anyone I will not mention the country in which it took and is unfortunately still taking place. A girl who was greatly distressed came to me for counselling. She is a student at a Bible college. One of the teachers there is a follower of the new tongues movement. This teacher speaks in tongues and has dragged a number of students into the same experience. On top of this, the woman has lesbian tendencies and commits sexual offences with some of the girl students. The girl in question had also been seduced by her.” (The Strife Of Tongues, Ch. 3, Example 18)


“An even more alarming example was told me after I had held a series of lectures at an English Bible college. On entering the Bible college my colleague and I noticed the magazine of a certain evangelist lying around, who is rather fanatical. I asked the principal if he agreed with what the man preached. He told me that he did. I did not mention a thing about the new tongues movement in my lectures there. We had decided that this would be our policy even before starting on the lecture tour. Yet the problem could not be avoided. We noticed in discussion, that not all the teachers were of the same opinion as the principal. Added to this, many of the students were inwardly against these things. We heard so much from these Bible students on the negative side concerning the breaking out of the tongues movement in the Bible college, that this itself would be enough to reveal the dangerous character of the influx. A student, who is already completely submerged in this flood, declared that he did not need to read the Bible anymore. God the Father would himself appear and speak to him. Six other students who had at first sought this 'second blessing', discounted it when they felt something weird was going on.” (The Strife Of Tongues, Ch. 3, Example 20)


“While I was writing this pamphlet two Anglican ministers came and told me of a large ministers' conference which had been convened by Mervin Stockwood, the Bishop of Southwark. About 400 Anglican ministers came together for a week, including Bishop Robinson of Woolwich, the author of 'Honest to God'. Near the end of the conference many of the ministers witnessed a small sensation. A minister of the High Church suddenly spoke in tongues and another minister interpreted. The interpretation sounded like a few Bible verses strung together with the message that there was a difficult time ahead for the Church. During the next break there was a small crowd around both these men. One of the two ministers from whom I heard this, asked me, "Why do we need speaking in tongues to hear a few verses from the Bible which we could just as easily read for ourselves?” The other man thought that the actual minister who had spoken in tongues did not make a good impression when he chain smoked during the break. He felt that speaking in tongues and chain smoking just did not mix.” (The Strife Of Tongues, Ch. 2, Example 5)


“A devout pastor was holding a weekly prayer meeting. Present were the pastor, his wife, and some believers belonging to the congregation. In the midst of the prayer meeting the wife suddenly began to pray in tongues. The pastor was horrified. This was the first time it had happened in his congregation. Hardly had she finished when another woman who was a believer began to speak in tongues. There was no interpreter. The pastor felt uneasy. He broke off the prayer meeting and sent the members home.

          As I see it, the wife has allowed herself to be tainted. She owns a large number of fetishes, idols, devil masks, and all kinds of cultic objects from the mission field. She thinks of herself as a collector of harmless objects, not realizing that a person can be tainted by cultic objects that have served for devil worship. Other Christians have the same impression. They, too, think this woman is tainted. It is a common experience for people to speak in tongues in the vicinity of an occult taint or mediumistic capabilities, or even in the train of spiritualism.

          Meanwhile, this “irruption of tongues” in the prayer meeting ended in tragedy. The pastor’s wife and the second woman who spoke in tongues both lost their minds and are in a mental hospital.” (Charismatic Gifts, The Variety Of Ministries, 9:Speaking In Tongues, p.121-122)


Catherine Hamilton


          “I was seeking out a church that would satisfy my soul, as at the age of twelve years I felt the call of God to be saved from my sins. At this age I disobeyed the call of God. Then I moved from Cresson, Pa. to Tyrone, Pa. At the age of 16 I took up with the Tongues Movement, and actually thought I had received what my soul longed for. In the month of March 1934, I received, what they called, the Baptism of the Holy Ghost. The Barking Demon entered into me and I spoke in the Unknown Tongues. I went on thinking that I had the real baptism of the Holy Ghost. They preached up the gifts to me, and I prayed for them, receiving the three voice gifts, and the gift of discernment.

          After receiving the gifts, the Demons started to talk to me using the Lord's name. They told me I wouldn't live to be forty. On Jan. 26, 1958, I decided to take my own life. If I didn't the Demons told me they would. I was just 10 weeks short of being forty when help came.

          I went to another Tongues Movement seeking more light. I believed in their doctrine of Apostles, Prophets, Pastors and Teachers. Eph. 4:11-13.

          I used the Voice gifts in the church for the exhortation of others present. I became a medium in Disguise. I could tell where the dead were and foretell death for others. On Sept. 20, 1950 I prophesied that a strange event would take place and darkness came over parts of the U. S. from 2 P.M. to 6 P.M. Many people thought the end of the world had come. I prophesied of signs in the skies, a cross appeared and the figures, 1953, also the sun coming up in the East and West at the same time. Others witnessed these signs also.

I saw the Devil trying to choke me to death. He did this twice. To keep the devil away I keep a light lit. I thought I was very near the Lord but in reality the devil had me. Chains rattled in the house. The Devil would jump on the bed and talk to me. All the time I thought it was the Lord.

          One thing that caused me to come out of the Tongues Movement and spiritualism was the death of my mother. She was dying of cancer and sugar diabetes but the Lord healed her and then delivered her from the tongues. She had great victory, dying three years later of blood poisoning.

          My eyes were opened through these Scriptures; Prov. 16:25, Matt. 7:22-23 and Rev. 2:2. But it took five years after this to convince me that I was wrong. I began to seek the advice of several evangelists and pastors. I wrote to Calif., Pa., Ala. and to Ky. for help. The Lord showed me the unknown tongues were demons in me. And I was afraid. I would see the Devil pass the windows of my home. I was like Paul before his conversion when he thought he was doing the will of the Lord. Acts 22:3-4.

          My pastor and wife came to my house on January 26, 1958. I was waiting for someone to come for this was to be my last day on earth. I had a feeling that they would help me. I opened my heart to them and was relieved to a degree. Prayer was made by the pastor and I promised to go to church that night. The Demons were caught off guard that night. Prayer and tears is what moved me to the altar. The word 'Blood' irritated the Demons but the name of 'Jesus' had no effect the first night.

          Monday morning they made themselves known to me again. The king of deceivers told me that I was all right and could still use the tongues. I knew better and refused to do so. He told me that I could cover up and live like other Christians?

          Some of the Demons names were: The Tongue of the Chaldean, Demon Release, We are Satan's Helpers, and the Tongue Demon. The Barking Dog Demon and the King of Deceivers made themselves known to me first. There were a total of six Demons. The remainder of them would have told me, their names if the pastor would have kept on asking. I couldn't utter one word nor could I move for the Demons had me tied up.

          Rev. Clyde Flewelling came for a special revival meeting to begin on Wednesday evening, January 29, 1958. I was at the meeting. Earl Sones led the singing and the songs were all about the 'Blood' of Jesus. This pierced me. During the message the Demons were fighting to keep me from the altar. They told me they were going to throw me on the floor if I went to the altar. This they started to do. I just faintly remember going to the altar. At the altar I heard God's people praying. I couldn't speak the names, 'Jesus' and 'Blood.' The demons forbid me to say it. At this time I saw a beautiful light shining above the altar.

          During praying the Demons began tearing my stomach as some were coming out. I asked the, praying folks to pray that I wouldn't be torn so much. This was very painful. Thirteen Demons came out of me. I thought they were all gone.

          On Tuesday evening February 1, 1958, I told my husband to call my pastor. As they came in I was dying. The pastor placed the Bible on my head and pleaded the Blood. Several more demons came out. Through prayer I was spared from death. More praying warriors were called in.The Demons would talk to me and they took my strength. After more than four hours of praying they ceased to fight further. This was the last battle with the Demons. On Sunday night they just gave up without any resistance. Victory has been won through Jesus Name and His Blood.

          Dear Reader, in dealing with demons, don't commend them to be cast into Hell, for they know there is a Hell of punishment. They pleaded with me to have them cast out into the world. Be kind to the ones who are in the Tongues Movement and spiritualism, for they are deceived, blind and miserable. Luke 6:39. Do not argue for it will do no good... plead the Blood in Jesus Name. I PRAY TO THE LORD JESUS CHRIST THAT THIS TRACT WILL BE USED FOR HIS GLORY, TO LEAD OTHERS OUT OF THE SAME DARKNESS THAT I WAS IN. TO THE TRIUNE GOD BE ALL THE GLORY.” (Delivered From Demons And Tongues. The Missionary Revivalist, January 1959)


N. Gropmann


“At Brother H---’s home in Beek, Germany, I had the opportunity to get acquainted with the character of this movement. A woman belonging to the M. E. Church visited the annual conference at Muelheim a. d. Ruhr, and on this occasion, through laying on of hands by Mr. G--- of the same city, received the tongues. However, she soon found that instead of receiving the baptism of Pentecost, she had let a demon take possession of her. She called for us to pray with her that she might be delivered. We responded and prayed with her for hours. Previous to this time, the evil spirit in her had been talking about the things of God, such as Calvary, the blood, revivals, etc. But now he began to talk in a fearful and profane manner, and to call us all sorts of names. In the name of Jesus we commanded the unclean spirit to depart from her, but he, stoutly refusing, told us we better not waste our time, but go home, for he intended to stay.

          Thereafter he began to torment the woman by accusing her of disloyalty to God, and pronounced curse after curse upon her, predicting her destruction and death in the near future. He began to tear and pull her around the room in a terrible way. The more we prayed, the more furious he became—cursing and swearing at us. I am not nervous, but I felt a cold shiver running down my back, and it seemed as if the room were filled with devils. The climax was reached when we laid hands on her in the name of Jesus. We could not possibly be mistaken concerning the reality of demon possession since he used the vocal organs of the victims to curse, swear, and call us names. The language was so shocking that I could not very well mention any of it here. Often I was able to understand without the woman’s interpreting—a mixture of Latin, Italian, and French. Now and then I was able to catch a word very clearly.

          I shiver to think that these cursing and swearing demons are finding entrance to the hearts of people. What are people coming to when they give place to such devils? Is it not a sign of the times? Is not this the beginning of ‘strong delusions’ which God will send upon the earth, and into which people who refuse to walk in the light will be ensnared? (The Pentecostal Tongues. Der Evangelist, Bremen, Germany, Vol. 60, December 11, 1909)


A. M. Hills


“We will now let our missionary friend in China tell what he has seen of this fanaticism on the foreign field: ‘False prophecies (proved so by time) have abounded; contrary tongues have appeared in the same individual; demoniac possession, or at least control, came to some most deeply-spiritual people from which they were only delivered by faith and prayer upon the part of others.” (The Tongues Movement)


“One sister, of a prominent Christian family and largely used in the Master's work, sought long for this manifestation, finally speaking in tongues (so-called). Later her husband, a fine Christian man, returned from a trip abroad. He was made to investigate, and looked with some favour on this movement. Believing the messages his wife had were from God, he spent, one day, three hours in prayer, because she had a message that he must do this. Finally he became suspicious that all was not well—that another spirit was controlling his wife. One day, as he had occasion to know that her words carried a deception, he said to her, 'Look here, the Holy Spirit does not lie.' Instantly she rushed at him, pulled his hair, and became violently possessed with a demon. Some days after, the violent spirit gave place to one of quietness, meekness, and lamb-likeness. But it is in possession still! She no longer prays to the Heavenly Father, or Jesus. Now it is the 'New Father.' She worships a 'new father,' prays to him, tries to get others to worship him, will not do the least thing without spending much time in prayer before him. She says to others, when they tell her they only know the Heavenly Father, 'Why, see how the new father has made me meek, quiet, and joyous.' How sad! A contrary spirit received and worshipped a personal demon out of the pit! Where did this control begin? When she chose to attribute every manifestation to God, then she put herself under the control of the power that produced many of these…” (The Tongues Movement)


"To my mind there are not simply wrong doctrines and mistakes, but a real spirit of evil, personal demons, sweeping down on God's children, marked as an angel of light, but who come from the pit. Two of God's children have told me that they were strongly moved upon by unseen forces to relinquish their hold on the Word, and swing out into this experience, with the inner assurance that they would speak in tongues, but that they cried: 'To the Word I cling. I plead the Blood, the Blood.' And as they did so the power of the influence was broken upon them.” (The Tongues Movement)


"Some years ago two young ladies came out to China expecting to speak supernaturally in the native tongue, but they could not. What did they do? Buckle down to study? No. They 'waited' and 'waited,' looking constantly for the gift, but it never came, though they waited for five years. But they drifted, drifted into fanaticism, and fanaticism of a very decided type. We tried to help them, others tried, but always found a cold reception. They gave up all attempts at Christian work, shut themselves away from all Christian fellowship, eked out a bare existence by teaching a little English. Finally health failed; they got their eyes open to the delusion of years, and we had the pleasure of taking these two ladies into our home, and rescuing them from slow but actual physical starvation.” (The Tongues Movement)


“One, after an experience in which the whole body was most violently shaken, was thrown by an unseen hand from a sitting posture to prostration on the floor. While lying there this unseen hand moved her body along. Feet foremost, she was thus borne out of one room into another, then into the hall, and then down a steep flight of steps. The descent of the steps was with increased velocity. Friends saw, as she moved along, that she was moving toward the stairs, and tried to avert this, but she waved them back. On reaching the bottom of the flight she spoke in tongues. That morning she had said on entering the room that she was determined to have her 'Pentecost' that day, even if she had to roll down the steps for it. She had previously resisted manifestations. Later, when she returned to the Mission home of her own Mission, she was one night thrown from her knees on to the floor. While lying there she had a vision which lasted for some hours into the early morning. During the time she saw and held converse with a representation of Jesus. After talking with him, he said: 'There are some friends here who wish to speak with you.' Then there came forth representations of her father and brother, followed by others, some of whom she had never seen in the flesh, but her descriptions of each identified them perfectly as representations of friends or beloved ones of those gathered about her. One of these spirit-beings sent a message to her missionary son, saying: 'Tell —— to drop everything and seek his Pentecost.' (I ask, is not this Spiritualism?)” (The Tongues Movement)


"Another lady lay on the floor as if pinned there by unseen powers for more than twelve hours, and it was impossible for her to rise; the least movement of her limbs caused intense pain. At times the physical suffering was so intense that it seemed the mortal body could not endure more. She was taken through 'the suffering of the Cross,' experiencing the piercing of her hands and feet as by driven nails and the thorn-pierced brow. All the while she thought the experience God-given. After twelve hours the leader, coming to the morning meeting and entering the room, said in her presence: This is of the devil.' It was a surprise to her and to others. But he prayed for her, and commanded the demon to depart from her. He then took hold of her hand, lifted her up, when she weakly walked across the floor to her seat. She is one of the most spiritual of women, but had spent much time in fasting and prayer for her Pentecost, which brought her body into an enfeebled condition, and this, coupled with the belief that all the manifestations were of God, gave the enemy easy access to her body.” (The Tongues Movement)


“We have known a most worthy couple of the deepest piety, and most remarkable in prayer, loved and honoured by a whole community of saints; they were ruined in one week by the "tongues-movement." The dear husband became a nervous wreck as if stricken with palsy, and such a nuisance that he had to be forbidden the privileges of the worshipping assembly. The wife, who could pray the very heavens open before, suddenly lost her usefulness. We have known a college community to be swept by this craze as by a deadly simoon of the desert. We have known an earnest, sanctified Christian man, in disregard of our own kindly warning, to dabble with "tongues," and backslide utterly; he then wrote a sad letter of confession, and begged us to pray for him.” (The Tongues Movement)


“A number of those who have spoken in tongues say they have no accompanying blessing. One who was most prominent in speaking and interpreting asks why there had been no change in her life, why there was still defeat, and why she still lacked power in witnessing?” (The Tongues Movement)


Anonymous #1 (c. 1907)


          “Being much interested in mission work of all kinds, one of the first things I did on my coming to this locality, was to seek out the missions. My attention was directed to a mission where they said, “God was working in a marvelous way.” I went there, and I found, indeed, that wonderful things were being done. I was so amazed and carried away [by] the signs and wonders that I failed to perceive the danger signals that in a calmer moment I would have heeded…They preached the full gospel, emphasizing the ministry of holiness and also the universality of the gospel invitation. They taught with great conviction the immediate return of our Lord, and the necessity of being filled with the Holy Spirit as a preparation for the rapture. They taught divine healing; in fact, the gospel, as we understand it, with this addition, the gifts of tongues. Their preacher was attended with tremendous power, and the audience would often be swayed as if by some invisible influence. Words fail me when I try to describe the preaching, power, and charm of the testimonies. Suffice it to say, I was completely won over, and committed to seeking of any new gift that He wanted to give me. It seemed perfectly scriptural, and it seemed to stand every test…Completely carried away, committed to the idea of seeking this new blessing from God, I became a seeker nightly; and one fateful night, four of the workers together placed their hands upon me. As I looked back upon it now, I see I must have immediately lost my own personality and will power; but it seemed to me, then, that I was only dreaming. From the hands of those four, some strange power, which swayed and shocked them, was pouring into my body. They had told me it was the Holy Spirit, and I was much too dazed to realize that it was. In fact, I was limp and as helpless as a child. What I want you to note here, is, it was wholly a physical exercise, there being no conscious, spiritual exercise connected with it. The power, as it came from their hands, felt exactly like electricity, as you have felt it when taking hold of a battery. I was under this power over an hour, and all the time kept growing colder until it seemed to me, a corpse could not be more so. Gradually, convulsions seized my limbs, and I was shaken and jerked about painfully. Then, I realized that the power, whatever it was, was centering its attack at my throat, and I seemed to be choking. It worked around my throat until I found myself speaking (wholly against my will). It seemed to me that someone else was in my body and using my voice, and I found myself listening curiously. I could not make out the language, although it was evidently a language, and I found the tones of the voice expressed the wildest joy, but not one iota of this joy did I feel myself. It came from some other personality. I, myself, seemed to be on one side, a curious listener. And, then, too, I was suffering keenly, though hardly aware of it. That power was using my vocal chords in such a way to hurt me extremely. I was then conscious that my face was working, and I put my mind what was left of it, upon that to see what it expressed, and I found that I was smiling and eventually beaming with joy.

          Well, after talking a while, the influence seemed to release me, and life gradually returned to my limbs, and I was told too, my tongues was some Indian dialect, and I was congratulated most heartily. But as my normal consciousness returned, I began to see more and more clearly that it was not the blessed Spirit of God who had thus used me, and I was thrown into great spiritual darkness. This had occurred late Saturday night, and all the next day with ceaseless prayers I fought off the influence, which I frequently felt stealing upon me again. Soon, I realized that I would have to get divine help in reality or go insane, for the constant struggle against the power was wearing me out, and so Sunday evening I felt led to do down to the ---- church. The pastor spoke that night on spiritual growth and warned his people against the very evil I had fallen into. So, after the sermon I stepped up to the altar rail and asked permission to speak a few words. I then briefly-very briefly-related my story, confessing my mistake in going astray, and asked them in Jesus’ name to pray for me, that God would restore me. I told them-what I still believed-that instead of the Spirit of God, a demon had been using me and was still wearing me with his efforts to gain control.” (An anonymous letter published in B. W. Huckabee’s The Gift Of Tongues, Again. The Pentecostal Advocate, March 14, 1907)


Anonymous #2


“I attended the Tongues meeting at H---. Here I found men and women lying on the floor in all shapes, and the workers would put big blankets over them. These people on the floor would be jabbering all at one time in what they called unknown tongues. While I was praying, one of the workers took hold of me and said, ‘Holy Ghost, we command Thee to go into this soul.’ The workers were jabbering and shaking their hands over me, and a hypnotic demon power (as I know now) took possession of me, and I fell among the people on the floor and knew nothing for ten hours. When I came to my senses, I was weak and my jaws were so tired they ached. I believed then that this power was of God. They said I was wonderfully blest, and the leader sent me from one place to another so that I could jabber in tongues. I was told that when I was speaking in the unknown tongues the people would fall on their faces and say, ‘Yes, Lord,’ ‘We will, Lord,’ of course believing that God was speaking through me. I am now praising God for delivering me from the devil’s gibberish.

When we receive the real power of God, we can see that this Tongues movement is of the devil…I am now going to towns where I spoke in tongues and telling the people it is of the devil.” (In Alma White’s Demons And Tongues, Ch. 5, p.77-78)


Wang Yung-ngen


“I have known many other cases which it is unnecessary to record in full. It may be said in general of possessed persons, that sometimes people who cannot sing, are able when possessed to do so; others who ordinarily cannot write verses, when possessed composes in rhyme with ease. Northern men will speak languages of the south, and those of the east the language of the west; and when they awake to consciousness they are utterly oblivious of what they have done.” (In John L. Nevius’ Demon Possession And Allied Themes, Ch. 4, p.58)


Albert Le Baron (pseudonym for Henry Guy Waters)


“In the summer of 1894 I had occasion, for the sake of a certain literary project, to visit a portion of our coast. At a place to which I will give the name of Shelter Island I found a group of mystics summering. I drifted into the esoteric camp with a copy of Kant's "Critique" in my valise, by way of a little light summer reading. The leader of the Shelter Island mystics, Evangel, was a spiritist of the loftiest type, a believer in re-incarnation, whose psychoautomatic "control" was her dead mother. Of practical genuine spiritualism I knew nothing. To theosophy I was an utter stranger. I found the atmosphere of the camp pregnant with a new type of the old style of millenial optimism. The World's Congress of Religions had re-awakened the hope of a new chemistry of civilisation. The pious heart of Evangel was solacing itself with the holy hope of doing something to effect a union of the occidental and oriental religions on the purest conceivable basis of Gnostic-Platonism. Occasionally, séances were secretly held, far into the midnight, for the purpose of procuring information from "invisible brethren" to carry on the work. At one of these séances I met with my first experience. We were seated under a pine tree. Clairvoyants were present. "Wheels" of light and other phenomena were said to be seen by them. I sat listening to the affirmations.

          Suddenly an entirely new and strange psycho-automatic force shook through me like a gust of fierce wind through a tree. I willed myself into a state of passivity in order to observe the phenomena. I went into no trance however. The force became intelligent in action. It drew back my neck. Additional motor violence was displayed in my limbs. I was brought, from my sitting posture, down on the flat of my back. The force produced a motor disturbance of my head and jaws. My mouth made automatic movements; till, in a few seconds, I was distinctly conscious of another's voice—unearthly, awful, loud, and weird—bursting through the woodland from my own lips, with the despairing words: "Oh! My People!" Mutterings of semipurposive prophecy followed. One of the clairvoyants added additional weirdness to the experience by positively affirming that phantasms of ancient Egyptian sages stood over me.

          I was so dazed and "rattled" by the experience and the motor disturbances, that, at the close of the seance, I had to be assisted to my feet, and was walked for some time to and fro in the night air to recover my equilibrium…On Sunday morning, September 30th, 1894, I had my first experience in "speaking in unknown tongues," at my residence in the suburbs of New York City. I had been conversing with the psycho-automatism the night previous, and up to that time had received sufficient deific verbiage, one way and the other, to make a small book. Suddenly, whilst conversing with it in my bedroom on Sunday morning, it changed abruptly off from English into unintelligible sounds resembling a foreign tongue, and which, had I not been, as I think, pretty level-headed at the time, I should have construed as a mental state pathognomic of mania. And yet I was not sufficiently "at myself" to immediately seize pencil and pad and write down the sounds…On Monday, October 1st, 1894, I left my home in the suburbs of New York City for the town of Levanna, N.Y. In room 12 of the hotel and on Monday night, came the following messages in "unknown tongues" together with the interpretations…As the foreign verbiage came viva voce, I pencilled it down…A very large per cent, of the words I subsequently traced in a vocabulary of primitive Dravidian, or British Indian, non-Aryan languages.” (A Case Of Psychic Automatism, Including “Speaking With Tongues” in Proceedings For The Society Of Psychical Research, Vol. 12, Part 31)


William H. R. Rivers

“I have already said that towards the close of my visit a number of misfortunes befell the Todas [tribe of India]; one man fell ill, the wife of another died, and the dairy of a third was burnt down, and these events kept the diviners busy…

          The only occasion on which I saw the process of divining was at a funeral. The buffalo which was to be killed had been caught at some distance from the place appointed for its slaughter. The animal was unusually refractory and at length lay down and all the natural efforts of the Todas failed to make it move. Midjkudr and Mongudrvan were then called upon to discover the cause of the obstinacy of the buffalo. Mongudrvan first began to dance slowly to and fro, away from and towards the buffalo. He had taken off his cloak and was only wearing the tadrp. As I already knew the man, I was able to observe that his general appearance was unaltered and that he did not appear to be in any abnormal mental condition. He was soon joined by Midjkudr, who danced up and down much more wildly. His general appearance was very different to that usually presented by a Toda man. His hair seemed to stand out from his head, although it shook with each of his violent movements; his eyes were abnormally bright and his face gave every appearance of great mental excitement. I had not previously known the man, but when he came to see me a few days later I could hardly believe that the quiet, self-possessed man whom I saw before me was the same individual whom I had seen dancing at the funeral. It was obvious that he had been in a distinctly abnormal condition of frenzy during the divining process. After dancing for a time Midjkudr began to utter broken sentences in a loud and almost chanting voice, while Mongudrvan remained silent throughout. After Midjkudr had in these sentences given the reason for the obstinacy of the buffalo, and had prescribed what was to be done, he took a red cloth and dancing more violently than ever waved the cloth before the buffalo and pushed against the body of the animal. Then after the people had dragged the buffalo a little way, it rose and went quietly to the place where it was to be killed.

          I had much difficulty in finding out exactly what Midjkudr had said. When he came to see me a few days later he stated that he did not know at the time what he was saying, and that his only knowledge was derived from those who had heard him, and I am inclined to believe that he was speaking the truth. His appearance during the divining was remarkably different from that of ordinary days, and strongly suggested a semi-hypnotic state, during which he might well have had no knowledge, or only a very vague knowledge, of anything he said. In his ordinary condition he professed to be ignorant of Malayalam, the language which he was said to use in his frenzied condition.

          My ignorance of Malayalam, and the obvious difficulties of the investigation, make me hesitate before expressing any decided opinion as to the real nature of Midjkudr's condition when divining, but I have a very strong leaning towards the idea that the man was in a genuinely abnormal condition, allied to the hypnotic state, and I am disposed to accept the statement of the Todas that he was speaking in a language of which he had only a very vague knowledge when in a normal condition.” (The Todas, Ch. 12, p.252-254)


Charles H. Foster


“Mr. [Charles H.] Foster could give a communication in any language. He would make mistakes, speak slowly, and sometimes not very accurately, but could in nearly all cases be understood by the questioner. In this connection, I remember one remarkable experience which occurred in New York City. Two gentlemen called on Mr. Foster, and inquired if he could answer some questions in a foreign language. He replied that he had usually been able to do so, and if the gentlemen would kindly be seated and write their questions on slips of paper, he would see what the result would be. I am quite sure that the mental strain was very severe on Mr. Foster during this seance, for beads of perspiration could be seen on his forehead frequently. It was quite a lengthy seance, and he answered numerous questions, but in a language which he said he had never before spoken. Consequently he pronounced many of the words with some difficulty. The gentlemen were surprised and delighted. In justice to Mr. Foster, and to show what a wonderful test he had given them, one of the gentlemen made this explanation: Some years ago, he was shipwrecked, and drifted to an unknown island, where he was treated kindly by the natives, and where he was compelled to remain for three years before being rescued. It was there he learned this strange language. A young native, who was his most intimate companion, died a few weeks before he was rescued, and it was the spirit of this young man from whom he was supposed to have had the communication, and as there was not another man in New York City, or in any part of Europe, who knew a word of the language, it certainly was a capital test, and shows, it seems to me conclusively, that no fraud could have been practiced. And shows also, beyond a doubt, that there is such a thing as genuine mediumistic phenomena, which has not in the past, and cannot at present, be satisfactorily explained.” (In George C. Bartlett’s The Salem Seer, Reminiscences of Charles H. Foster (1891), Ch. 6)




The Holy Ghost was with us in more power during the eight months previous to April 6, 1830, than ever at any time thereafter. Almost everyone who was baptized received the Holy Ghost in power, some prophesying, some speaking in tongues, the heavens were opened to some and all the signs which Christ promised should follow the believers were with us abundantly.” (An Address to All Believers in Christ (1887), by David Whitmer, Ch. 4, p.33)


"Soon after he [Alpheus Gifford] went to Kirtland, Ohio, to see the Prophet Joseph Smith and the brethren, when he was ordained an Elder; he was accompanied by his brother Levi Elial Strong, Eleazar Miller, Enos Curtis and Abraham Brown, who were baptized. On returning to Pennsylvania he preached and baptized many, among whom was Heber C. Kimball. The gifts of the Gospel were enjoyed by many; signs following those that believed, devils were cast out; the sick were healed; many prophesied; some spake with new tongues; while others interpreted the same. Mr. Calvin Gilmour, with whom Brother Gifford had previously been associated in preaching, heard him speak in tongues and interpret. Gilmour declared he understood the languages and that they were interpreted correctly, but that he would rather be damned than believe in Mormonism.” (History of The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints, Part 1, 4:485)


"About the 8th of November I received a visit from Elders Joseph Young, Brigham Young, and Heber C. Kimball of Mendon, Monroe county, New York. They spent four or five days at Kirtland, during which we had many interesting moments. At one of our interviews, Brother Brigham Young and John P. Greene spoke in tongues, which was the first time I had heard this gift among the brethren; others also spoke, and I [Joseph Smith] received the gift myself." (History of The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints, Part 1, 1:295-297)


“The gifts which follow them that believe and obey the Gospel, as tokens that the Lord is ever the same in His dealing with the humble lovers and followers of truth, began to be poured out among us, as in ancient days;--for as we, viz.: Joseph Smith, Jun., Sidney Rigdon, Frederick G. Williams, Newel K. Whitney, Hyrum Smith, Zebedee Coltrin, Joseph Smith, Sen., Samuel H. Smith, John Murdock, Lyman E. Johnson, Orson Hyde, Ezra Thayer, High Priests; and Levi Hancock, and William Smith, Elders, were assembled in conference, on the 22nd day of January, I spoke to the conference in another tongue, and was followed in the same gift by Brother Zebedee Coltrin, and he by Brother William Smith, after which the Lord poured out his Spirit in a miraculous manner, until all the Elders spake in tongues, and several members, both male and female, exercised the same gift. Great and glorious were the divine manifestations of the Holy Spirit. Praises were sung to God and the Lamb; speaking and praying, all in tongues, occupied the conference until a late hour at night, so rejoiced were we at the return of these long absent blessings.

          On the 23rd of January, we again assembled in conference; when, after much speaking, singing, praying, and praising God, all in tongues, we proceeded to the washing of feet (according to the practice recorded in the 13th chapter of John’s Gospel), as commanded by the Lord.” (History of The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints, Part 1, 1:322-323)


Théodore Flournoy

*The following account is from a spiritualist séance in which the medium Hélène Smith (pseudonym for Catherine-Elise Muller) was able to speak Hindi after a spirit came upon her. In this case the Hindi is supposedly the words of a wife (Simandini) sharing her affection for her husband (Sivrouka). Théodore Flournoy, the scientist investigating the phenomena, asks “Leopold”, another spirit whom Smith has formed a relationship with for the interpretation. Flournoy later confirms with the linguist and Sanskrit expert Ferdinand de Saussure that Smith was indeed speaking Sanskrit.


“The next outbreak of Hindoo took place five months later (September 15, 1895), in the midst of a very long Oriental seance, in which I only refer to points especially interesting to us—to wit, Hélène's supposed Sanscrit, the French interpretation which Leopold gave of it, and the curious evidences of agreement of these two texts.

          In one tender scene, with sighs and tears, in connection with Sivrouka, Hélène uttered in an exceedingly sweet voice the following words: ou mama priva (or prira, priya)—mama radisivoumama sadiou sivroukaapa tava va signa damasasimia damasa bagda sivrouka. During the various phases which precede the awaking, I ask Leopold the meaning of these words. He at first refused to give it, saying, "Find it out yourself"; then, as I insist, "I would have preferred that you found it out yourself." I beg him to give at least the correct spelling of an Oriental text furnished us in so uncertain a manner, but he disappeared, saying he was ignorant of Sanscrit. By means of later questions which he answers by "yes" and "no," it is discovered that they are words of love from Simandini to her husband, who was about to leave her for a voyage to his principality. Then suddenly, as the awaking seems to be approaching, Leopold moves the index-finger feverishly, and commences to dictate impatiently: "Hasten [to spell] . . . My good, my excellent, my dearly loved Sivrouka, without thee where to find happiness?" His answers to our questions lead us to understand that this is the substantial meaning of all the Sanscrit spoken that evening (and given above), that it is not he, Leopold, who speaks this language to Hélène, because he does not understand it, but that it is indeed he who gives us the French equivalent for it, not by a literal translation of the words themselves, since he does not understand them, but by interpreting the inmost feelings of Mlle. Smith, with which he is perfectly familiar. Shortly afterwards Hélène awakes without recollection.

          According to M. de Saussure there are certainly in this text some Sanscrit fragments answering more or less to the interpretation of Leopold. The most clear are mama priya, which signifies my dear, my dearly loved, and mama sadiou (corrected to sâdhô), my good, my excellent. The rest of the phrase is less satisfactory in its present condition; tava could well be of thee, but apa tava is a pure barbarism, if it is intended for far from thee. In the same way the syllable bag in bagda seems to mean, independently of the translation of Leopold, bhâga, happiness, but is surrounded by incomprehensible syllables.” (From India To The Planet Mars, Ch. 8, p.316-318)


Henri A Junod


“I have carefully studied the story of many cases of possession amongst the Ba-Ronga [tribe of Africa]…the treatment [for possession amongst them]...comprises four principal rites: the drum performance, the ablution in the gobo calabash, the drinking of the blood and the hondlola ceremony…In the case of Mboza the patient was covered with a large piece of calico during all the drum performance…Sometimes the concert of tambourines [which accompanies the witchdoctor’s exorcism]  continues for three or four days, a week, or a fortnight…It may be that, at the first sitting, the spirit will claim some satisfaction*: a “nuru”, a piece of calico of such and such a colour. It is also generally at this time that the patient will sing his song. Every possessed person invents a song which will be henceforth his, and by means of which crises, or trances will be provoked or cured…These songs are generally in Zulu, and it is asserted that, even if the patient does not know this language, he will be able to use it in his conversation, by a kind of miracle of tongues!” (The Life Of A South African Tribe, Vol.2, p.439-445)


*Apparently, a gift of appeasement that the demon spirit asks for.

Lewis Spence

“The Palace of the Living and of the Dead was built for the use of this person (the high priest of the Zapotecs)…There were four chambers above ground and four below…for the more important feasts which they celebrated with sacrifices, or at the burial of a king or great lord, the high priest instructed the lesser priests or the subordinate temple officials who served him to prepare the chapel and his vestments and a large quantity of the incense used by them. And then he descended with a great retinue…And when he entered the chapel they put on him a long white cotton garment made like an alb, and over that a garment shaped like a dalmatic, which was embroidered with pictures of wild beasts and birds; and they put a cap on his head, and on his feet a kind of shoe woven of many-coloured feathers.

          And when he had put on these garments he walked with solemn mien and measured step to the altar, bowed low before the idols, renewed the incense, and then in quite unintelligible murmurs he began to converse with these images, these depositories of infernal spirits, and continued in this sort of prayer with hideous grimaces and writhings, uttering inarticulate sounds, which filled all present with fear and terror, till he came out of that diabolical trance and told those standing around the lies and fabrications which the spirit had imparted to him or which he had invented himself.” (Magic And Mysteries Of Mexico, Ch. 3, p.111-112)*


*The above narrative is a quote from the Catholic priest Fray Francisco de Burgoa (1606-1681).


Gregory The Great


“This man told me, how, in that great mortality which happened in this city, in the time of that noble man Narses, there was a boy in the house of the foresaid Valerianus, called Armentarius, who was very simple and passing humble: when, therefore, that mortal disease entered that lawyer's house, the foresaid boy fell sick thereof, and was brought to the point of death: who suddenly falling into a trance, and afterward coming to himself again, caused his master to be sent for, to whom he told that he had been in heaven, and did know who they were that should die out of his house. "Such and such," quoth he, "shall die, but as for yourself, fear nothing, for at this time die you shall not. And that you may be assured that I have verily been in heaven, behold I have there received the gift to speak with all tongues: you know well enough that ignorant I am of the Greek tongue, and yet will I speak Greek, that you may see whether it be true that I say or no." Then his master spake Greek, and he so answered him in that tongue, that all which were present did much marvel. In the same house there was a Bulgar, servant to the foresaid Narsus, who in all haste, being brought to the sick person, spake unto him in the Bulgarian tongue; and the boy that was born and brought up in Italy, answered him so in that barbarous language, as though he had been born and bred in that country. All that heard him thus talking wondered much, and by experience of two tongues which they knew very well that before he knew not, they made no doubt of the rest, though they could make no trial thereof. After this he lived two days, and upon the third, by what secret judgment of God none can tell, he tare and rent with his teeth his own hands and arms, and so departed this life. When he was dead, all those whom before he mentioned did quickly follow after; and besides them, none in that house died at that time.” (Dialogues Of Gregory The Great, 4:26)




“An officer of the Emperor Constantius whose golden hair and personal beauty revealed his country (it lay between the Saxons and the Alemanni, was of no great extent but powerful, and is known to historians as Germany, but is now called France), had long, that is to say from infancy, been pursued by a devil, who forced him in the night to howl, groan, and gnash his teeth. He therefore secretly asked the Emperor for a post-warrant, plainly telling him why he wanted it, and having also obtained letters to the legate at Palestine came with great pomp and a large retinue to Gaza. On his inquiring of the local senators where Hilarion the monk dwelt, the people of Gaza were much alarmed, and supposing that he had been sent by the Emperor, brought him to the monastery, that they might show respect to one so highly accredited, and that, if any guilt had been incurred by them by injuries previously done by them to Hilarion it might be obliterated by their present dutifulness.

          The old man at the time was taking a walk on the soft sands and was humming some passage or other from the psalms. Seeing so great a company approaching he stopped, and having returned the salutes of all while he raised his hand and gave them his blessing, after an hour’s interval he bade the rest withdraw, but would have his visitor together with servants and officers remain: for by the man’s eyes and countenance he knew the cause of his coming. Immediately on being questioned by the servant of God the man sprang up on tiptoe, so as scarcely to touch the ground with his feet, and with a wild roar replied in Syriac in which language he had been interrogated. Pure Syriac was heard flowing from the lips of a barbarian who knew only French and Latin, and that without the absence of a sibilant, or an aspirate, or an idiom of the speech of Palestine. The demon then confessed by what means he had entered into him.

          Further, that his interpreters who knew only Greek and Latin might understand, Hilarion questioned him also in Greek, and when he gave the same answer in the same words and alleged in excuse many occasions on which spells had been laid upon him, and how he was bound to yield to magic arts, “I care not,” said the saint, “how you came to enter, but I command you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ to come out.” The man, as soon as he was healed, with a rough simplicity offered him ten pounds of gold. But the saint took from him only bread, and told him that they who were nourished on such food regarded gold as mire.” (Life Of Hilarion, 22)


Clement Of Alexandria


“Plato attributes a dialect also to the gods, forming this conjecture mainly from dreams and oracles, and especially from demoniacs, who do not speak their own language or dialect, but that of the demons who have taken possession of them.” (Miscellanies, 1:21)*


*The work of Plato to which Clement is referring is apparently lost now.


How To Tell If Your Tongues Are Genuine


After reading the above examples of persons receiving the false gift of tongues persons may be concerned as to how they might discover if their gift of tongues was genuine or false. Christians are divided over whether the gift of tongues is something that only occurs momentarily or is an ability that can be exercised at will. For those who feel that they can speak in tongues at will there is a Scriptural test which any true believer can use to discern whether their tongue is real. The test is found in 1John 4:1-3 which states, “Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits, whether they are of God; because many false prophets have gone out into the world. By this you know the Spirit of God: Every spirit that confesses that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is of God, and every spirit that does not confess that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is not of God. And this is the spirit of the Antichrist, which you have heard was coming, and is now already in the world.”

What follows is the advice of two seasoned experts when it comes to how to test a gift of tongues to see if it is genuine.


Gerald E. McGraw’s Method


“No spiritual speaking gift today enjoys more popularity than tongues and none harbors such inherent possibilities of deception. In keeping with Biblical directives (I Thessalonians 4, I Corinthians 12, and I John 4) It is proper to conduct a prayer session to test a tongues spirit. I believe that such testing is best done in a private setting, with a chairman and a small group of intercessors, and only with the full consent and intelligent cooperation of the tongues speaker.

After a period of intercession it is well -- but not essential -- for the counselee to speak in the tongue. Thereupon the chairman addresses his questions not to the person but to the spirit inspiring the tongue. If the chairman and the counselee normally speak English, the tongues spirit should be commanded to give all answers in English.

The chairman should be alert for deceptive answers. Judgment depends not upon the sound of the tongue nor on subjective feelings but upon answers given to the questions in God's Word (cp. Psalm 105:19).

The Holy Spirit promptly, freely and consistently confesses Christ. A demonic spirit will give one or several answers that betray his real identity, or he will stubbornly evade the question, in itself a refusal to confess (I John 4:3). A demon may give a number of favorable answers, for he hopes to preserve his deceptive hold on the victim, but persistence and faith will soon unveil his actual identity, name and purpose.

If a tongues gift is being supplied by one or more demons, Scripture gives full authority to cast them out (Mark 16:17). The victim first should verbally renounce ground given to Satan through practicing a false tongue and should declare his rejection of spirits inspiring a satanic gift. The leader should order the demons to depart to the abyss (cp. Luke 8:29, 31; Revelation 9:1-3) and should retest to make certain they have actually departed. In all of this God can grant "the power to discriminate between the true Spirit and false spirits" (I Corinthians 12:10, Williams).” (Tongues Should Be Tested. The Alliance Weekly, June 5, 1974)


Archie E. Ruark’s Method


“The writer found in actual experience that a demon spirit opposes being tested with all the power that it can muster. At the very suggestion of the test it puts into the mind of the person a terrible feeling of resentment with the thought of sinning against the Holy Ghost. It brings up all sorts of arguments why a test should not be made. [These arguments include thoughts such as] ‘This is blasphemy, unbelief, sin.’ It gives reasons why this should not be attempted, and makes it quite plain that the spirit is grieved. All this is evidence of a false spirit, since the whole thing is against obeying God’s written Word. “Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty” (2 Cor. 3:17). There is no hindrance imposed by the Holy Spirit in the matter of obeying the Scriptures. Furthermore, a man may disobey the Holy Spirit without strong opposition such as comes from a demon spirit in the matter of testing the demon’s identity.

The test of a spirit should be made when the possessed is speaking in tongues. The one who does the testing should address, not the human being, but the spirit, in this manner: “Spirit in the Name of Jesus Christ, answer, Is Jesus Christ come in the flesh?” A demon is most reluctant to answer this question. It will either leave, evade a definite and positive answer, or say “No.” In one case, when a woman was speaking in tongues, another asked the spirit that question. The woman knew the Scripture and tried to say “Yes,” but the spirit overpowered her voice and said “No” against her will.

When one has the true gift of tongues from God, it is truly a “gift” which belongs to the person and is under his control at all times. “The spirits of the prophets are subject to the prophets” (1 Cor. 14:32). Other spirits try to get control, whereas the Spirit who is from God permits Himself to be controlled.” (Falsities Of Modern Tongues, p.7-8)


To these two accounts I would add a few more points of advice.


*First, be weary of the possibility of a demon answering the question of whether Jesus Christ has come in the flesh in a vague manner. A demon spirit may try to answer in such a way as to make the listener think that he is acknowledging this when in reality he is slyly dodging the question.


*Secondly, I would not recommend allowing someone else who speaks in tongues but has not had their gift tested to take part in the testing session. This could easily affect the result of the test if the person doing the testing has a counterfeit.


*Thirdly, I know that the Scriptures say, “If you then, being evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to those who ask Him! (Lk 11:13)” but this promise has nothing to do with the gift of tongues but instead with the gift of the indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit. There is no mention at all of the gift of tongues or any other spiritual gift in this passage.


*Fourthly, if you asked from a wrong motive or reason (i.e. you wanted to speak in tongues for your own glory and not for the glory of God or from the perspective of elevating the gift of tongues above the gift of prophecy (1Co 14:5), or you sought it because you accepted an unscriptural and unbalanced view of tongues, etc.) God may have allowed you to receive a false gift to discipline you (He 12:6). If you asked from a wrong motive, it is of the utmost importance that you confess this error to God and ask Him to cleanse and heal you of this.


*Fifthly, and perhaps most importantly, if for any reason you just do not feel comfortable using your gift of tongues I would recommend that you not use it. If there is uncomfortableness in your spirit, this could be the Lord warning you that you have a counterfeit.


*Above all, remember that it is commanded in Scripture to test all experiences such as gifts of tongues, prophecies, etc. (1Jn 4:1-3, 1Th 5:20-21). Every person who has ever received a gift of tongues is required by the Scriptures to test that gift and failure to do so is direct disobedience to God.



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